How to Start Selling Books On Amazon

Selling Books To Amazon

Many beginners in Amazon selling business often have the same question that wakes them up every night. Among many starter items to get it going on Amazon, the question how to sell books on Amazon is one of the most relevant ones. It’s a very hyped topic, but selling books on Amazon is one of the best doorways into this wonderful e-commerce universe. If you haven’t considered it yet, we have brewed the perfect solution for you. You don’t need to ask your friends or google something like “ Amazon sell books ” to know how it works in real life.

No matter if you want to scrape out the books from your closet or consider books to be the return generator for the startup investments, we want you to stay sharp and focused. Keep in mind that there are reasons that lead people to start selling books on Amazon, and at least 4 ways exist to start doing that today. We’ve tried to cover it all up in the article below. Enjoy your time and be in the top of Amazon best selling books right tomorrow. 

3 Reasons to Start Selling Books on Amazon

Before we sketch out 3 reasons why selling books is great on Amazon, look how many categories are actually listed today:

Selling Books To Amazon

The opportunities to sell books on Amazon are immense in 2020. You can choose from more than 10 categories right now to sell your goods. Intimidated and motivated? Run and pack your old comic books or the ones you read a long time ago to become the terrific Amazon seller in less than a week. We have prepared a powerful arsenal of 3 reasons to start selling books on Amazon. 

Easy to Start Today

The most attractive feature of Amazon is friendliness to novices. Amazon has an official partnership with the sellers. In fact, there is no surprise that more than half of Amazon is now sold by the private sellers who dictate the trends. The third-party partnership even allows you to sell books to Amazon. That’s as much of wizardry as it sounds, but things are far easier than you might think. They’ve introduced several programs for sellers to diversify the partnership:

  • Fulfilled-by-Merchant Program. In this case, your role is to be the autonomous seller on Amazon. You can sell books on Amazon in that way. Make the listing on your own, provide packaging and shipping next. If you’re ready to support the level of operation like that – feel free to use this option
  • Amazon Vendors . This feature is often used by people who want to deal with selling used books on Amazon. Central vendor services are available for sellers to unload inventory quickly and for reasonable prices. If you ever asked how to sell used books on Amazon, think about this feature as a priority. 
  • Fulfilled-by-Amazon . FBA is a well-known method in the Amazon world. Basically, it’s the top-notch solution for the sellers who want to create listings quickly and in large volumes. Amazon carries the responsibility to store, pack, and ship the product you list. The opportunity you’re not going to miss, we believe that. 

Amazon Best Selling Books

High Rates of Conversion in Books Category

The category we review today is like the Gardens of Eden when it’s about converting leads to customers. Books are the low-price goods most of the time, and this is why their acquisition costs people almost nothing. Of course, this scenario will happen if you sell low-tier books that may have already been used by somebody. 

Let’s review the mechanism that makes books the highly-converting category on Amazon. When you sell one or more copy of the item from listing, you’re getting a BSR rate . The lower your BSR rate – the better the chances to pop-up in Amazon search under certain keywords are. Improve your BSR when sales start showing themselves. You can calculate BSR using IO Scout Amazon Sales Estimator and BSR calculator: choose category – Books, choose country, and start to calculate. Sell used books on Amazon or buy the ones that are cheaper and increase the price tag on your goods.

FBA Program by Amazon Takes Care

You already know that you can use the option of Amazon to sell back books under the program called Amazon Vendors. FBA selling is another type of deal that will advance your Amazon results. If the pain and struggle of developing the right logistics for selling your books bothers you, FBA solves that. Amazon offers to ship and store the books at their fulfillment centers for the extra fee if you agree on that. When the customer has paid for the item, Amazon delivers it to the client in the shortest time possible. We bet it would be hard to compete against their giant posting machine. Besides, you’re giving Amazon rights to take care of the possible problems that might occur between you and customers, like delays, complaints, or failed delivery. 

As you can see, Amazon wants to take care of all your hassle to allow you to focus on the strategy on how to sell books to Amazon more effectively and in larger volumes. This is why FBA is the life-saving option from the e-commerce giant. 

3 Ways to Sell Books on Amazon

The platform offers you different ways of selling books to Amazon. They provide several alternative methods to sell books and make your customers happy to get the next book. Depending on the type of partner Amazon deals with, the platform accounts every seller to receive comfortable conditions for operating. 

Classic Trade-In from Amazon

This type of deal is a tricky one. Literally, you’re having an agreement with Amazon that works like the metaphorical barter. Imagine that you have the old, scrapped, but the collectible book that might have been sold only after a while. Well, Amazon will estimate the attractive value of this book for you. Then, they offer you the Amazon gift card trade program to convert old books to cash at once. However, before diving into it, your goal is to check whether the books are currently supported in the trade-in program conditions. Amazon sell back books business needs good luck, so keep calm. 

Kindle Digital Publishing Program

This way is for the tech savvies who know how to use the Kindle software. You’re making the digital transcript of the physical copy into the digital format, how techy is that? Kindle Direct Publishing allows you to sell your books, ebooks, and audiobooks like that with complete ownership rights that cannot be taken away. You can make changes to the book’s content without extra charges or whatever. As a result, the book reaches the market quickly without vague expenses that accompany the commercial journey.

Sell Books Directly

If you don’t have the passion of the authentic author to publish via KDP or don’t want to trade the old books for the coupons, it’s time to point your eyes to the classic direct sales via Amazon. In case you’re not the author of the books and want to sell them, Amazon offers you three ways to do that in a short time. We discussed them previously in the article. Those ways are FBA, Fulfillment by Merchant, and Amazon Vendors . Each type of selling option is unique and has certain advantages, so it’s up to you what path to follow.

Sourcing Books to Sell on Amazon

This stage will test you out for resourcefulness and creativity. In the real world, there are tons of ways to source books to sell on Amazon. We have decided to include this section of our ultimate guide because it eases out the most difficult stage for every seller who wants to put the hands on book niche on Amazon. Where can you actually get them? What are the convenient sources of retrieving the desired books? 

Universities and Colleges

This is one of the most old-fashioned options from the list. You have to be a bit of an invader in this case. Just print several brochures and toss them around the campus or administrative buildings. Say that you would gladly buy last-year books of the kind that interests you. It can be textbooks or maybe some fiction. Students gladly get rid of decks of books in their living space, so use it for your own advantage. 

Used Bookstores and Swap Meets

Drop the coin for the classic round-up tours to get the books that interest you. Google the nearby bookstores or swap meet events on Facebook. It’s so much easier to find places or events like that in the web. Many bookstores with used books are filled with treasures . Those treasures are the books that have enormous value instead of collecting dust somewhere on the shelf. You have to grow your checklist of the book categories or maybe certain ones to focus the search. Who knows what you might find in the next store or fair. 

Something Like Craigslist

The advantage of Craigslist is in the audience that takes part in it. We mentioned that ad-dropping on campus is a good idea, but wait for Craigslist, it’s a more powerful tool that can help you source amazing books to sell on Amazon . Students want to drop their last-year books on this platform, that’s the convention that exists for quite a while. You want to be that catcher who gets the books that can be oversold for reasonable prices even after being used. The algorithm works fairly simple when looking at Craigslist:

  • Pick the city you’re living in and select the books section on Craigslist. Then, find out who is the seller with the largest number of books in the listing. In this case, you can select the option that interests you the most from multiple offerings.
  • Trick out the sellers because they want to trick you. You always have to ask for ISBN to compare the existing price for the new books under the same name on Amazon. Of course, regular sellers usually drop the price for last year books for around 40% , but not all of them are that easy to get. Some students drop from 5 to 15% on the book. This is not reasonable, go beyond 40% all the time. 
  • When you see the book that interests you, bargain and bargain once more. You can cut the price for an extra 15% by simply offering the price that is reasonable to you. There are not mile-long lines to buy the countless books, sellers usually agree on the optimal terms.
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Social Networks: Public Groups and Friends

Your Facebook profile may become the starting point of getting rare, unseen books that are hard to obtain in the real world. Social media usually have dedicated public groups that specialize in selling books. Basically, those communities are akin to flea markets where you can meet all sorts of books on the timeline. People want to sell stuff, and books are one of those things that will always stand out. Just type in the search query related to book acquisition to get the list of those public pages on the screen. 

Another strategy is to post on your timeline. You have tons of friends, we’re sure about that. Let the people see that you’re interested in buying books of the category that interests you. Wait for the first messages to fly in the Messenger. Select the options that suit you the most. 

How to Start Selling Books Business on Amazon?

To start selling books on Amazon, you have to be fully prepared not to receive promising feedback in the beginning. Your ultimate goal is to create the full cycle that starts from retrieving the books for sale up to calculating possible profits that might come after placing the listing on Amazon. Ideally, you have to think about FBA tool to get the range of features , from competitor analysis to price analytics and dynamics. The tools to assist in FBA e-commerce are available as standalone services based on deep Amazon integration or as browser extensions. Without further adieu, let’s see what real steps you can take today to start selling books on Amazon like a pro. 

Step 1

Select the right sourcing method to obtain books. We’ve discussed some of them above. However, we advise to select the method that can be scaled up when your sales may jump. Another strategy is to use several sources of book sourcing at once to keep the deposit filled up with attractive offerings. Be as proactive as possible all the time.

Step 2

Register on Amazon and create a seller account. You can become either an individual or a professional seller because two types of accounts now exist on Amazon. The difference is that as an individual seller, you’ll have to pay the fee of $1 for every sold item, while the second option will cost you $39.95 a month for the infinite sales. All you have to do is find the section on the screenshot below taken from the main page of Amazon. 

Selling Books On Amazon

Step 3

Use the advanced search according to your budget and scope of interest. We tested out the tool called IOScout . It’s a fantastic solution that has advanced filters to make your search as precise as possible . Basically, all you need is to select the category called books and fill out the search filter fields. From starting price to Amazon rank, you can adjust the search in a way that fits your level of operation. 

How To Sell Books On Amazon

After that, you have to press the button called search. Voila, here are the results according to the set filters. Staying informed about the book niche is so much simpler with the tool like IOScout. We enjoyed using it. 

How To Sell Used Books On Amazon

Step 4

Analyze the competition. You have to understand what price range is appropriate for the books you sell. Once more, IOScout comes to the rescue here too. You can select the items from listings that seem a viable competition . Bookmark them and track to understand what’s going on with prices for different periods. Following this strategy, you can also understand when the sales are peaking to select the right moment to offer your books to buyers on Amazon. 

Step 5

The fifth step is to install the Chrome extension that will allow you to analyze and enrich the product and data niche of books. IOScout offers the opportunity to easily do that in several steps. What you can achieve is the time-saving effect that is very valuable during book selling on Amazon. Imagine how difficult it would be to review every book manually on every page of your search query. 

However, Chrome extension is able to save tons of time when analyzing the listings on Amazon. That’s the killer shot that competitors do not use. Also, you can bookmark the selected books for future analysis via tools like IOScout. You just detect the product that interests you, open the Chrome extension and bookmark it in the separate small pop-up window that has separate duplicate of the books from the Amazon page you’re reviewing at the moment. 

Step 6

I’s the right time for you to list the inventory on Amazon. This operation is needed to scan the inventory to understand whether some books are missing from the list and require adding. You can add every book manually. All you have to do is type the ISBN that every book has. You just place the ISBN into the search bar and pick the checklist entry called “I have one to sell.” What it allows to do is see the condition of the book and select the right one not to mislead potential customers. Among the conditions, you can meet the following:

  • New . It’s clear that this book has never been opened by anyone. The brand-new nature of the book is evident, it comes directly from the publishing house.
  • Used (Like New). This book was in use by someone, but you can’t distinguish that because it looks brand-new. 
  • Used (Very Good) . The books under this status have signs of use but are still nice to hold in hand and have complete reading experience. 
  • Used (Good). Books that show signs of consistent use but are fine to read. 
  • Used (Acceptable). The last tier from the list that has very apparent signs of use. Torn out pages might appear in these.

Step 7

You have to consider how you would organize the customer service of your book-selling operation. Making your customers happy and not worried about the quality of the books that they purchase is an amazing way to grow up consistent sales. Always track customer testimonials in the reviews section on Amazon and respond to them. If the number of books that you sell augments, use Amazon review tracking tools – there are plenty of them on the Internet. 


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We hope that the ultimate Amazon book selling guide will answer all your questions. Remember, choosing to sell books on Amazon is the useful playing grounds to become a serious, experienced seller. You can’t go in a wrong direction when choosing the category of books – it sells so well. Use the tools like IO Scout or its alternatives and Amazon review tracking software to stay vigilant. 


What is the cost to sell books on Amazon?

To sell books on Amazon, you have to pay the starter fee. All media including books have the fee of $1.80 . Each month, you have to pay $0.99 per item or choose $39.99 feature to sell an unlimited number of books. 

Can I sell books on Amazon for free?

You can’t do it for free because Amazon charges all owners of the seller accounts. You have to choose Individual or Professional account and pay the corresponding taxation. 

Can you sell books back to Amazon?

The programs like Amazon Textbook Buyback can help you make extra cash when selling used textbooks. You can get around 80% of the purchase price back to your wallet like that.