How to make free money from Opera Hype

Opera Hype Feedback

Good news to all opera mini browser users, Do you know you can make unlimited money from Opera mini HYPE.

Earn free money from opera mini browser hype, a new feature on opera mini browser, people are cashing out daily from this, earning is unlimited.

Browsing and chatting, all in one app

Hype is the first African-inspired chat service built into a mobile browser, allowing users to easily set up an account and start chatting with secure end-to-end encryption right away. This means users can now browse the web, chat with friends, and share self-created memes, stickers and GIFs with other Hype users, all in one app.

Hype was built because younger generations of internet users are expecting more social connectivity from the apps they use on their devices. With this integration, Opera Mini becomes the first major browser in the world to integrate a social component that keeps users connected to the ones that matter the most. This unique and innovative blend is something that no other mobile browser in the Google Play Store offers.

“Hype is an original instant messaging service from Opera, designed for the new generation of African internet users to elevate the traditional browsing experience and make it more engaging. With Opera Mini and a Hype account, Nigerians can enjoy a browsing and chatting ecosystem tailored to their needs,” said Jørgen Arnesen, EVP Mobile Browsers at Opera. “Hype bridges cultures from Sub-Saharan Africa with mobile technology, as the world’s first African-inspired chat service.”

Hype was first launched in 2021 in Kenya as a pilot market, and it is already showing impressive results with more than 400k activations and more than 10k invites to join Hype per day. This launch was one facet of Opera’s emphasis on investing and growing its digital ecosystem in Africa, with the goal of bringing more people online.

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Free chatting with Hype up to 1.5GB per month

To help familiarize people with the concept of an easy-to-use chatting service built into a browser and as a response to the high cost of data in Nigeria, Opera has partnered with the leading carriers in Nigeria to enable free daily browsing and chatting for those using the service. Users of Opera Mini ( and Airtel, MTN and Globacom can activate the free data anytime by opening the Feedback Bot in Hype, sending “Unlock my free data” in chat, then clicking the link in the reply message. The free mobile data will be activated when the page is loaded.

Key features

Opera is constantly working on improving the chatting experience. Hype users can now use link previews, GIF support, and the unique built-in meme creator to make chatting with friends even more personal and fun. Moreover, users can join interest-based channels Hype Clubs to chat with those who are on the same wavelength.

Hype Clubs

Hype Clubs are organized into topic-based channels where users can easily chat about their mutual interests. If a user is into something, there is a good chance they can find a Club for it. There they can share opinions with others, or even create their own Club and gather interested people together.

Chatting with others who have the same interests is a great way to find new friends and become a part of an interest-based community. With Hype Clubs, fans of sports, gaming, the arts, and even software development are now able to find a community they can truly belong to.

The built-in meme creator

Memes are an essential part of internet culture. People not only use existing memes, but also wish to create and spread their own. Now, Opera has introduced the first meme creator built directly into a browser’s messenger! Users can choose memes in Hype chat, then edit them by changing the text and experimenting with fonts, colors and placement – more easily than ever. This comes in handy as users no longer need to copy links from websites and switch between apps to share the memes they want.

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GIF support in chat

Hype supports GIFs, and makes choosing them super simple with its search capabilities and scrollable GIF grid. To help users choose the one they want, GIF previews and full screen view are also available.

It’s always good to know what’s hiding behind a link we’ve sent or received, which is why Hype comes with the link preview feature. With it, a snapshot preview, website header and description will automatically appear in chat. This function is also available in encrypted chats and on metered networks.

Share online content in a snap

Today, new generations are relying on formats like memes and stickers to express themselves. To make this easier, Hype includes WebSnap, a feature already known from the Opera desktop browser, allowing users to take snapshots from the web. Once a websnap is captured, users can edit it by adding colors, text and emojis, making it fun and entertaining before sharing with others. WebSnap also allows users to smoothly share the link of the original website from which they took their snaps, so users no longer need to switch between apps to share the content they want.

First African inspired chat service in the world

Hype is the first African inspired chat service built into a mobile browser. It offers its users a series of stickers created by African artists such as Okolo Chibuike and Mayowa Alabi from Nigeria. The sticker packs have been designed to include everyday expressions currently popular in Nigeria. This unique offer from Hype stands out from other chat services and gives Nigerians the new ways of expressing themselves more accurately when using chat apps.

How to Setup Hype Account

To activate the Hype account, users should have an Opera Mini application. Users set up a Hype account by tapping the Hype logo at the bottom of the Opera Mini browser, or through the O menu. Next they choose their name and take a selfie or upload a personalised photo, which will become their profile picture and will be visible for other Hype users. Once this process is completed, users sync Hype with their phone contact list to start chatting with others.

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How to claim your daily data on Opera Hype

In bid to familiarize people with the concept of an easy-to-use chatting service built into a browser and as a response to the high cost of data in Nigeria and South Africa, Opera Mini has partnered with the leading carriers in Nigeria and South Africa to enable free daily browsing and chatting for those using the service. Users of Opera Mini alongside with Airtel, MTN and Globacom can activate the free data anytime as well as South Africans using Cell C alongside with Opera Mini browser can also do same by following these simple steps:

Open the Feedback Bot in Hype, when it open, send this simple message to the bot “Unlock my free data”.
Look out to the message the hot will send to you and follow the simple instructions.
Click the link in the reply message. The free mobile data will be activated when the page is loaded.
Enjoy your 50mb or 25mb daily free data depending on your country location.

Where and how do you see the Feedback Bot?

I understand that some of you will have the same issue I had the first time I wanted to claim my data. This is why I have taken the to time show you where exactly the Feedback Bot can be found easily.

Just open the Hype chat, on the list of the latest chat, you will see the Feedback Bot as shown in the image below, then follow the instructions
Opera Hype Feedback
Opera Hype

How to Earn Good Money on Opera Hype.

I know this would be your favourite paragraph and what you have been longing to learn. Now here comes the magic hack.

To make money off Opera Hype for now, don’t buy data again as the data opera mini gives you via Hype will work on any browser only that you can not stream videos with the data or download files like images, music, etc.

When you save your own money while using Opera Data, you see that in a month, you must have saved between #1000 – #3000.

After making such money, your profit will be sent to you Opay account.

That’s all.