Foremedia is a Scam – See The Bad Reviews About



Foremedia claims they ensure their advertisers get the most reach for their budget while maximizing the ROI. Meanwhile, they also claim to offer high-performing ads to help our publishers monetize their websites better.

In short, Foremedia is a supposed alternative to Google Adsense (for publishers) and Google Ads (for advertisers). So, Is Foremedia Legit?

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No, I have seen alot of terrible reviews, comments about This said advertising company (Foremedia) especially on Facebook group.

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Which I am not impressed in atall, how would you work for a company and ready to cash out your threshold and you decided to login and you see a response like this.
Screenshot 20211006 111336

This is so absurb, and it is very bad. This is not the first bad review about them.

Here is another bad review about foremedia
Screenshot 20211006 111238

Screenshot 20211006 111311

My advice to you is this, don’t join Foremedia, runaway from them, they will allow you to earn much from them and after you reach or about to reach the payment threshold, they will ban you or find one excuse just to make you feel guilty of what you did not do.

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Hope you can see those screenshots yourself. So wiseup.