Hidden Secrets On How To Drive Massive Traffic To Your Website/Blog From Pinterest

How To Drive Massive Traffic From Pinterest

How To Drive Massive Traffic From Pinterest

Hidden Secrets On How To Drive Massive Traffic From Pinterest To Your Website or Blog

Why are you not using PINTEREST platform to support your blogging career when you’re not under News and Entertainment Niche?

Pinterest is a ALL IN ONE platform i.e it has got the ability to possess numerous features in itself like search engine, social media, classified ads site, paid-looking free ad inform of Story pin, Video media platform etc.

Lots of bloggers are missing out because they are not using Pinterest or they do not know how it works. But Now, I will do the needful.


One out of my four Pinterest accounts records over 10million monthly views. The rest are lesser but good.

The beauty of Pinterest is that when one comes across your Pin(a terminology used for Post in Pinterest) and he loves it, a single tap on the picture(knowingly or unknowingly) would take him straight to your blogsite without any form of hesitation.

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Another beautiful thing about Pinterest is that,
Unlike posts on other social media sites, Pinterest pins are basically immortal. They could show up in a users feed weeks or even months after you originally post them if they’re relevant to a user’s search. According to WebpageFX, the half-life of a pin is around 3.5 months.

A Pinterest pin can be anything visual. Pins that are eye-catching, beautiful, unique, funny, or interesting get repinned or saved most frequently.

Now let’s go into the business!

✓ On Pinterest platform, ensure you create a business account and not personal account.

✓ Do a proper page setup. Don’t be lazy about this. You bio should have keywords in it.

✓ Then go on to create board(a terminology used for Category in Pinterest which you would need to create and it is majorly named after your Niche). You can create as many as you can just to draw people’s attention to your account.

✓ Create pins or share your blog post directly to your Pinterest account. When you got a very nice Pin, people tend to save it. And once your pin is saved by someone, it extends to more peoples just like I said earlier.

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Now this is where the very secret lies. Read carefully

👉 Always go to any of these sites (Pexels, Pixabay, U splash etc) to get a very high resolution images for your posts and pins as this attract audience more than just any how images.

You can get lots of pictures from those sites and use them to create more than ten pins for one blog post. Many Pins with different pictures can lead to one Blog post. People do that a lot because “if Paul didn’t Succeed, Peter would do”.

👉 When you see a Pinterest pin relating to your niche that has much engagement, download the image and pin it as a story pin to any of your board. Or better still click through the link to get some hidden images and pin them to your board. This helps to attract people more.

👉 Try to be consistent on Pinterest with relevant pins, it gives Pinterest algorithm an alert about your account. You can be a rising star at the moment

👉 When you see your competitors accounts, don’t follow him, but follow his followers. Once they notice you’re posting what they like, they would pick Interest in you.

👉 And when your Pin is being saved by someone, there is every tendency many more people would see it and they continue to save it. And Many people would click to know more about the Pin.

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👉 Download Pinterest App and you would always track the analytics of your efforts which would make you to know if your are doing well or not.

Below are the Niches that mostly succeed in Pinterest;

✓ lifestyle
✓ Health and beauty(very crazy)
✓ Make up and cosmetic
✓ Fun facts, Meme
✓ health and fitness
✓ Education
✓ Relationship and quotes
✓ Finance and business
✓ Homes and decor(very crazy)
✓ food and drinks, food recipes (excessively crazy)
✓ Art and Craft( never disappoints)
✓ Sports
✓ History
✓ Tattoo
✓ White Celebrities, public figures(not Nigerians)

Everything is all about Having Patience. You can’t get it all at once. Keep doing what you know how to do best, for what is worth doing is worth doing well.

Please never you Retire from blogging if you really got passion for it, for people earn so big from it.

You saw what happened during the pandemic period. Shops and offices were got closed up but people kept earning big online…