Best Video Ad Network For Publishers, Vloggers & YouTubers

Video Ad Network

Video Ad Network

Best Video Ad Networks For Publishers:

Wanna give your earning, a staggering push? Are you unsatisfied with your traditional monetizing strategies? Have a small budget and want to earn great?

Video ad networks, the rising advertising trend provide you the best monetizing solutions. Video- marketing is popular in both advertisers and publishers, at the same time. According to the recent statistics:

  • 54% of the customers desire to see more videos from their supported business or brand
  • Videos are utilized as a marketing tool by 87% of the advertisers
  • 66% of the progressive more leads are got by video marketers each year

You can get an extra wellspring of income utilizing video ads. Various video ad formats are being utilized by advertisers, bloggers, and publishers. Making a choice in enormous video advertising numbers is itself quite onerous. A good monetizing video ad network doesn’t have one or two excellent specs but is a stable blend of various features. It must be equally encouraging for both advertisers and publishers. The following are the points, that must be considered while choosing your right one video ad network.

  • It must be a great revenue-generating network
  • It must offer a muti-monetizing solution. It doesn’t rely on one
  • It must have great ROI
  • It should be safe and reliable
  • It should coordinate your current ad tools
  • It should be capable of targeting the worldwide audience
  • It must target smartly, according to the nature and requirements of ads
  • It must give real-time access to your earnings, ads insights and metrics
  • You competitors must not be working with them.

Best Video Ad Networks 2021:

Here is the list of 10+ Best Video Ad Networks that you can join in 2021 and 2022.

  • Google AdSense.
  • Viewdeos.
  • OpenX.
  • Teads
  • Propeller Ads.
  • HalHax.
  • Verizon Media.
  • AdMedia
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1- Google Adsense:

Google Adsense

Google AdSense, one of the oldest video ad network, yet still the most modern video advertising network with the best monetizing methodology. It gives you can connect with Google AdSense without any long signing procedures and, terms or conditions Moreover it doesn’t charge any cost of advertising, yeah you’ve e heard right, Google AdSense gives you the opportunity to generate great profitability with no charge of advertising You can freely utilize their application on your site. Google AdSense is one of the best Ad networks for Publishers and Advertisers.

It is equally beneficial for both the advertisers and publishers and generating pocket full revenues for both, a likely. It creates the most enchanting and consumer driving ads. Its ads are compact, customized and very attractive, thus in a short time, your business will stand on solid grounds in the market. It provides three smart formats for your ads

  • Banner
  • Skyscraper
  • Rectangular

Publishers are highly paid out, they enjoy 68 percent of the revenue, drastically high payout. They will earn for each of the visitor ad clicks, in this way the earning go on infinitely increasing and increasing. And Google Adsense welcomes beginners as well as, no traffic standards of publishers.

  • Easy signing up
  • Customizable ads
  • Great eCPC models
  • well off payouts
  • No minimum audience standard requirement
  • Free advertising
  • Great Return on investment
  • Safe and decent content

2- Viewdeos:


Viewdeos is a newly rising video ad network, yet it has secured its leading place in the video advertising market. It offers premium optimization of videos and generates great revenue. Their efficient team keeps on inventing better and better monetizing solutions. It is reputed as an anti-fraud network as it promotes only real advertising and publishing units. They have designed an easy to grab code integration, to promote simple and straight forward earning. You can have an additional buck of income, with your existing inventory. It very smoothly runs with your other running advertising tools without creating any disturbance.

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You can easily track your real-time earnings and other analytics through the client interface. They surprisingly lift their clients’ incomes via great CPC models. They maintain a wide network of advertisers and publishers. The following are listed some of its sensational features.

  • Great monetizing opportunities
  • Compatible with APC
  • AI real-time tracking
  • Good CPC
  • Coordinate with other tools
  • 24/7 customer support
  • non-clashing ads
  • Satisfactory ROI
  • Promising payments and on time

3- OpenX:


Open X, is a premium video ad network. It associates advertising servers and RTB exchange via smart programmatic techniques. It gives you a diverse number of choices of the model, for generating revenues. It gurantees100% customers, as it has global access to customers from 200 countries. It spends 4times more on advertising content. You can choose the target audience and bid yourself, thus can make your ad successful by proper targeting. It is easily integrable with all types of video advertising servers and players. It’s ads run over all the web pages and gadgets, that are utilized 24/7 in the world like laptops, cell phones, etc. They smartly channel the advertisers and publishers, all across the world.

  • large AQ team
  • Minimum 10 M traffic requirement
  • RTB
  • 45+ videos DSP integration
  • 100% stock monetization
  • smart ad designs

4- Propeller Ads:

Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads is one of a sagaciously working video ad network. It is the most paying network. It supports optimized multiple ad formats. It mainly promotes push, native and pops on ads. It targets those nations’ traffic, where there is a high demand for your products and services, in this way excel your income moe fastly as the expected one. Propeller ads would also be a smart choice for those publishers, who want great high fill and CPM rates for the massive traffic on their websites. It monetizes every visitor to your website. Isn’t it fascinating that your earning increases with every single click?. It allows only clean and secure ads. Besides, it monetizes only trustworthy and legitimate websites, which makes it the safest and most secure monetizing source.

  • 100% revenue generation over complete stock
  • 100% fill rate
  • High CPM rates
  • Net 15 payment frequency
  • Reliable network
  • Multiple Ad formats
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5- Teads:


Teads is one of the most popular out-stream video advertising networks. There are not too many years passed since it gets into existence, but it has prospered by leaping major miles. It is a wide network of 500 experts with 27 offices all over the world. They are ruling the video marketing, with their astute inventory monetizing tools and techniques. almost 100 pounds to 500 pounds of revenue is generated on a yearly basis. Teads shave the tendency to convert publishers single penny into millions, via nimble-witted monetizing strategies.

  • Award-winning technology
  • A wide network of advertisers and publishers
  • Helps you create more inventory

6- HalHax:

HalHax, belonging to the Crazy4media group, is a multi-video ad’s supporting network. They effectively maximize the incomes of those publishers holding 50 thousand unique visitor’s impressions on their sites. They offer very well commission rates to the publishers, using great CPC, CPM, and CPV models. More than They drive the attractions of a worldwide audience via their innovative video advertising formats, such as

  • Banner ads
  • Interstitial ads
  • post-roll ads
  • pre-roll ads

They share multi-screens and work with multi- browsers. Their payments are always as per schedule dates, and to maintain this punctuality they have integrated an automatic invoice system. Following are some great specs of HaxHax

  • GoodCPM, CPC, and CPV models
  • multi-ad methods
  • Auto-invoicing
  • 50 k page unique visitors per month requirement

Final Words:

All the networks that are listed above are the best Video Ad Networks for Publishers to join. However, before joining an ad network, you should know the requirements of that Network. So Kindly check their requirements before applying for any Ad Network.