6 Ways To Start Making Money On Facebook


Facebook is the #1 leading social media platform in the world. Facebook is a place where you meet new friends, chat with family and friends, like & follow your favorite pages, join your favorite groups and you can also watch videos on Facebook…

Billions of people in the world make use of Facebook every blessed day without making a dime from Facebook.

Most people think Facebook is just a platform to make friends, chat and so on but am telling you right now that after reading this article you will be exposed to various ways you can make money on Facebook.

Here are the 6 ways to start making money on Facebook

1. You can start making money on Facebook by Becoming a Seller on Facebook.

How can you archive this, Facebook has added new features on its platform where buyers and sellers get across to each other.
It is called Facebook “Marketplace”.

What is Marketplace? Marketplace is a place, location or scene where different marketing activities or transactions are being done.

So let’s come to Facebook terms now, Facebook Marketplace is a feature on Facebook where sellers post what they sell for people (buyers) to see and patronize them…

Isn’t that interesting, you can make alot of money by posting what you sell on Facebook marketplace and trust me buyers are going to find you.

So how can I locate Facebook marketplace.
To locate Facebook marketplace, simply open your Facebook App. At the top right corner click as shown in the picture below.
Facebook User Dashboard

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After that, scroll down to where marketplace is located as shown in the picture below
Facebook Marketplace
You will see different types of products that people has published on the marketplace. Now if you also want to publish your own products for sell, click on “Sell” at the top of the page.
Screenshot 20211010 083438

The page shown below is where you are going to publish your products for free on Facebook, kindly fill in the page appropriately, post your products pictures, choose the right categories and click on publish.
Facebook Marketplace Selling Dashboard
After publishing, it will take a while for Facebook to review it in order to make sure it goes according to their Facebook marketplace guidelines/policy
Now you have successfully learn how to make money on Facebook through its marketplace functionality…

2. Another way to make money on Facebook is Becoming an influencer

Social Media Influencer
Another substantial way to make cool money on Facebook is to become a social media influencer.

What do we mean by Social Media influencer?
Social media influencers are people who have large audiences of followers on their social media accounts, pages or groups, and they make use of this opportunity to influence or persuade this followers to purchase certain products or services.

To achieve this, you need to plan a niche first.

Choose something you are very good at doing.

Once you discover what kind of content you want to make, work towards building a follower base. Remember the more followers you get the more opportunities you will also get.

Once you become famous, many brands will want to hire or collaborate with you to promote their products or services.

For starters, you need to make regular and unique eye catching content to attract the eye of the users. Once your video goes viral you get more followers, millions of people will look up to you.

3. You can also make good amount of money by posting or advertising services you render, skills or handwork on Facebook

Have you ever thought of advertising your skills or handwork on Facebook, you can make huge amount of money by advertising your skills on Facebook.
Here is how to

  • Find a group with large numbers of members or Page with large numbers of engaging followers relating to your niche or services you render and join or follow them
  • Contact the admin or moderator of the group or page, tell him or her that this is what you do and you would like to advertise your service, skills, handwork or business on their group or page.
  • Kindly negotiate price with them and get your ads posted on the group or page for the period of agreement between both parties.
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Note: this is a white hat secret of advertising your services on Facebook
The black hat secret of advertising your services, skills or handwork on Facebook is by posting your skills etc at the comment section, another way of calling this is spamming. Spamming means illegal posting of links or contents in an unrightful areas.
Facebook can suspend your account for this if you don’t reduce how you spam on Facebook.

4. Interesting Way to make money on Facebook is by creating a Facebook accounts, groups or pages

Yes, you can make money on Facebook by creating a Facebook accounts, groups and pages.

  • How to make money with Facebook Account

    some people of nowadays especially the gee guys popularly known as (yahoo boys) have interest in buying Facebook account from people, the price varies According to the number of years of the Facebook accounts.
    Creating Facebook account, groups or pages can also be look into as investment. I will explain to you.
    Investing on Facebook account means creating a new Facebook account, leave it for some period of years after that you sell it out. Reason why you have to leave the account for some years is that, the more the years of the Facebook accounts, the more the cost of the accounts.

  • How to make money with Facebook groups:

    there are many ways to make money on Facebook group, you can make money through it by creating or buying an existing Facebook group with large amount of active members. After that continue updating the group with interesting contents, from there people will start coming to your inbox📥 for advertisement. What you need is to make sure the number of members are increasing and your members are active on the group.
    You can also nurse the group to some certain amount of members and offer it for sale. that’s a good way in which you can make money from Facebook group.

  • How to make money from Facebook pages

    You can make good amount of money from Facebook pages by creating or buying Facebook page that has large amount of followers fan base. In this digital world that we are now, nothing is impossible, even whatever you might think is impossible is now possible nowadays. There are tons of people on Facebook that need old Facebook pages even without having single followers. You can start creating lots of Facebook pages and keep it for years in order to offer it for sale or build a large amount of fan base and keep the page active so people can message you for sponsored post or advertisements.

5. Another lucrative way to make huge sum of money on Facebook is by buying and selling

What I meant is that you can start buying Facebook accounts, pages or groups at cheap rate and offer it for sale to earn more interest.

6. You can also earn money on Facebook as an affiliate marketer

Affiliate Marketing is a way of generating income by referring people to a link containing your affiliate ID in order to purchase products, goods and services from the prospective affiliate website.
Now here is how you can make money as an affiliate marketer, you can create or buy an existing page or build up a Facebook group or timeline and advertise your affiliate link.
Note: make sure the niche of your page or group collide with what you’re marketing in order to get interesting buyers to purchase products through your affiliate links.

Conclusion: I believe with this point of mine, you have successfully learn one or two ways or secrets to earn money on Facebook group, don’t just visit Facebook for fun only, try and also make good use of it.
Stay safe and follow the COVID-19 guidelines.