15 Principal Factors That Enhance The Marital Experience

15 Principal Factors That Enhance The Marital Experience

Contrary to popular belief, God never builds anyone’s marriage to a particular taste or shape; it’s solely the spouses’ responsibility to do that. Whether your marriage will be a heaven-on-earth or a hell-on-earth experience, it is the couple’s duty to build the home of their dreams.

Below are 15 principal factors that can enhance our marital experience.

1. Cherish your marriage:

Any marriage treated casually will end up making the couple casualties.

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2. Believe in the concept of blissful marriage:

In marriage, our mindset determines our marital experience. Don’t come into marriage thinking that later in life your marriage will crash or end up in separation or divorce. Marriage is sweet and bliss.

3. Cherish your spouse:

In marriage, you must learn to make your spouse the best thing that has ever happened to you. Hold them in high esteem over every other person.

4. Love yourselves unconditionally:

Once you’re married, God expects both spouses to love themselves unconditionally. Loving shouldn’t be determined by what they do or don’t do for you.

5. Respect yourselves:

In marriage, both spouses should respect each other. Treat your spouse with respect in secret and in public.

6. Live as best of friends:

Your spouse is not your enemy, Satan is. Enjoy each other’s company in marriage. Be free with each other. Enjoy yourselves.

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7. Be humble:

Marriage is not a place where proud spouses cohabit. It’s a place of humility at its peak. Pride is an enemy of marriage and proud spouses never ever have a blissful marriage. Never!

8. Foster a good understanding of yourselves in your marriage:

In marriage, understanding is key. You must understand who your spouse is, their personality traits, their temperament, their emotional needs, spiritual needs, their sexual needs, their fears, their strengths, etc.

9. Be tolerant and forgive yourselves:

In marriage no spouse is perfect. You must learn to be tolerant and forgiving. Without these two factors, be ready for a divorce.

10. Be selfless, Make sacrifices:

In marriage, spouses should be selfless and make sacrifices for each other.

11. Be romantic:

Let your love and marital experience be like a flowing river unhindered. Let your love know no bounds.

12. Be partners in progress:

A thriving marriage is one where spouses are partners in progress. Both are working hard to achieve their personal and family goals.

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13. Create and spend time with your family as much as you can:

Your family needs you more than wealth or riches. Create and spend time with them.

14. Be united:

Nothing kills a marriage like disunity. Together you will face life’s happy moments and adversities and overcome, but divided you will fall and fail.

15. Make God part of your family:

God shouldn’t be left out of your home if your marriage will be godly and last. Ungodliness opens up a marriage to Satan to strike and prevail. The God factor settles the issues of infidelity and cheating. Truly godly spouses don’t cheat in marriage because they not only respect their spouses’ trust given to them, but they fear God and obey his word regarding marriage also.

With all these principal factors, I pray that your marriage will be better, sweeter, blissful and happy henceforth in Jesus name. Many thanks for reading, commenting, liking and sharing.

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